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Is It Time to Drop Democracy?

Debunking two misconceptions about democracy

How Can We Fight Epidemics?

When did epidemics begin, and which one was the deadliest?

Nothing Exists Alone

What’s the missing word in Carson’s quote?

How Will Our Senses Evolve in the Future?

There’s a lot to learn from the evolution of senses

Screen Lock: Tasmanian Tiger

Stalking people from your past on social media can bring about uncanny results

Brave New World of Immortality

From radical life extension to simulated minds: will we live forever?

Is There a True God?

Who gets to decide which god is real? And what will gods look like in the future?

Screen Lock: Starfall

Beware, the shining light of knowledge is descending upon the world

Could You Beat a Chimp in a Brain Test?

Some animals outperform humans in certain tasks. With genetic engineering this can change

The Most Widespread Form of Exploitation in Human History

What’s the missing word in Melanie Joy’s quote?

Will We Survive the Sixth Extinction?

We have a lot to learn from past extinctions

What’s the Story With Fashion

When did humans start wearing clothes, and why?

Can You Tell Rembrandt From AI?

Today, algorithms compete with great art and literature

The Only Lasting Truth

What’s the missing word in Butler’s quote?

Would You Like to Live Forever?

The race for the elixir of life is underway

Why Do We Tell Ourselves Stories?

What’s the missing word in Didion’s quote?

Screen Lock: Executive Decision

What if the climate catastrophe could be averted, and all that’s needed is some sand from the moon?

Can You Spot the Human Embryo?

This may prove much more difficult than you think

What Are Human Beings?

What are the missing words in Rushkoff’s quote?

Why We Read Books

What’s the missing word in Le Guin’s quote?

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