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Should We De-extinct Animals?

Scientists are working to bring back extinct species. Exciting or creepy?

Why Do We Tell Ourselves Stories?

What’s the missing word in Didion’s quote?

Why We Read Books

What’s the missing word in Le Guin’s quote?

When Does One Really Start Living?

What’s the missing word in Martin Luther King’s quote?

We Are Members of a Larger Group

What’s the missing word in Sagan’s quote?

Nothing in Life is to Be Feared

What’s the missing word in Curie’s quote?

What Are Identities, Really?

What’s the missing word in Harari’s quote?

How Much of a Cat Are You?

How much DNA do you share with your cat?

From Ancient Myths to Superhero Comics

What’s humanity’s oldest creation story?

Do You Need a Big Brain to Be Intelligent?

The answer is more complicated than you might think

Can You Tell Rembrandt From AI?

Today, algorithms compete with great art and literature

What’s the Story With Fashion

When did humans start wearing clothes, and why?

The Stones That Made Us

Toolmaking gave us more than you might think

How Many Human Species Exist Today?

Believe it or not, there are ghosts in our DNA

Screen Lock: Tasmanian Tiger

Stalking people from your past on social media can bring about uncanny results

Screen Lock: Executive Decision

What if the climate catastrophe could be averted, and all that’s needed is some sand from the moon?

You Are Not Atlas Carrying the World on Your Shoulder

What’s the missing word in Shiva’s quote?

Can You Spot the Human Embryo?

This may prove much more difficult than you think

Brave New World of Immortality

From radical life extension to simulated minds: will we live forever?

What is the Opposite of Nature?

What’s the missing word in Fuller’s quote?

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