Is there such a thing as nature that is separate from the human realm? Or is that just an artificial line in our imagination? In any case, animals and plants are in the midst of a mass extinction. Protecting them is protecting us.

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Nothing Exists Alone

What’s the missing word in Carson’s quote?

The Only Species That Opposes Same-Sex Activity

Is same-sex behavior natural?

What Happens When You See Earth from Space?

The mysterious phenomenon of the Overview Effect

How Will Our Senses Evolve in the Future?

There’s a lot to learn from the evolution of senses

How Can We Fight Epidemics?

When did epidemics begin, and which one was the deadliest?

Could You Beat a Chimp in a Brain Test?

Some animals outperform humans in certain tasks. With genetic engineering this can change

The Most Widespread Form of Exploitation in Human History

What’s the missing word in Melanie Joy’s quote?

Will We Survive the Sixth Extinction?

We have a lot to learn from past extinctions

Should We De-extinct Animals?

Scientists are working to bring back extinct species. Exciting or creepy?

Do You Need a Big Brain to Be Intelligent?

The answer is more complicated than you might think

You Are Not Atlas Carrying the World on Your Shoulder

What’s the missing word in Shiva’s quote?

What is the Opposite of Nature?

What’s the missing word in Fuller’s quote?

Screen Lock: The Voice

A new technology lets people understand their plants. Part 1 of the Plantalk miniseries

Screen Lock: The Listeners

Since The Listening began, the world has started to collapse. Part 2 of the Plantalk miniseries

Screen Lock: Rosie

How would you live in a world without electricity? Part 3 of the Plantalk miniseries

Did Animal Domestication Go Too Far?

Domestic animals make up a huge 66% of the biomass of vertebrates on earth

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Are We More Evolved Than Cockroaches?

You may not be the only one who deserves an A++ score in the Evolution Course

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Big Bang to AI: The Evolution of Music

The weird connection between Beyoncé and ancient fish

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Nature’s Variety: Why Is Biodiversity Important?

The rate of animal extinctions is accelerating. How will this change our world?

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The Grain That Domesticated Humans

The dramatic and incredible consequences of domesticating wheat

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Can Cities Be the Answer to Climate Change?

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. What will their lives look like?

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The Amazing Story of Math and the Human Mind

Is the universe made of numbers? Can math unlock the secrets of reality?