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Knowledge Nuggets

A mind-blowing quiz with questions about evolution, artificial intelligence, science, DNA, animal intelligence, climate, and everything you need to know to survive the 21st century


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How Much of a Cat Are You?

How much DNA do you share with your cat?

From Ancient Myths to Superhero Comics

From ancient myths to superhero comics

Do You Need a Big Brain to Be Intelligent?

The answer is more complicated than you might think

Can You Tell Rembrandt From AI?

Today, algorithms compete with great art and literature

The Stones That Made Us

Toolmaking gave us more than you might think

How Many Human Species Exist Today?

Believe it or not, there are ghosts in our DNA

Can You Spot the Human Embryo?

This may prove much more difficult than you think

Are These People Real or AI?

Surely you can distinguish real faces from AI-generated ones, right?

Did Animal Domestication Go Too Far?

Domestic animals make up a huge 66% of the biomass of vertebrates on earth

Did Gandhi Really Say That?

Can you tell real from fake? Let’s test your knowledge

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Are We More Evolved Than Cockroaches?

You may not be the only one who deserves an A++ score in the Evolution Course

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Will We Survive The Sixth Extinction?

We have a lot to learn from past extinctions

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Is There A True God?

Who gets to decide which god is real? And what will gods look like in the future?

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Would You Like to Live Forever?

The race for the elixir of life is underway

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The Grain That Domesticated Humans

The dramatic and incredible consequences of domesticating wheat

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Should We De-extinct Animals?

Scientists are working to bring back extinct species. Exciting or creepy?

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Would You Genetically Engineer Your Brain?

Scientists have already genetically modified the intelligence of monkeys

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How Ancient Are the Pyramids, Really?

And what will the 22nd century’s monuments look like?

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Where Did the Alphabet Come From?

The history of writing has some unexpected twists and turns