Technology is moving at a pace so fast we can hardly keep track of latest developments. With artificial intelligence automating more of our lives, how will technology shape our future? And what should we do about it?

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What Will Love Look Like in the Future?

How will 21st century technology transform romance and sex?

Screen Lock: Starfall

Beware, the shining light of knowledge is descending upon the world

Screen Lock: The Dark Ages

Imagine this: the company that installed your bionic eyes goes out of business. Now what do you do?

Can You Tell Rembrandt From AI?

Today, algorithms compete with great art and literature

Screen Lock: Tasmanian Tiger

Stalking people from your past on social media can bring about uncanny results

The Autonomous Weapons Arms Race

Will future wars be fought by robots?

Listening to People’s Brainwaves

Can scientists now read our minds?

Will We One Day Live Forever?

From radical life extension to simulated minds: will we live forever?

Would You Like to Live Forever?

The race for the elixir of life is underway

Screen Lock: Executive Decision

What if the climate catastrophe could be averted, and all that’s needed is some sand from the moon?

What Are Human Beings?

What are the missing words in Rushkoff’s quote?

Screen Lock: Football Practice

Avoiding the toxic post-apocalyptic outdoors can be a drag, especially when you’re a teenager

Are These People Real or AI?

Surely you can distinguish real faces from AI-generated ones, right?

Is Artificial Intelligence the End?

What’s the missing word in Hawking’s quote?

Doing Our Best To Find Out

What’s the missing word in Pratchett’s quote?

What’s Our Role on This Planet?

What’s the missing word in Clarke’s quote?

Screen Lock: The Voice

A new technology lets people understand their plants. Part 1 of the Plantalk miniseries

Screen Lock: The Listeners

Since The Listening began, the world has started to collapse. Part 2 of the Plantalk miniseries

Screen Lock: Rosie

How would you live in a world without electricity? Part 3 of the Plantalk miniseries

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How Will AI Automation Change the World?

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives, but will it also take our jobs?

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Unmasking Fake News: Separating Truth from Lies

Disinformation is going to change everything we know about reality

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How Data Became the 21st Century’s Currency

Letting algorithms use our data to make decisions for us is a risk to humanity

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Can Cities Be the Answer to Climate Change?

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. What will their lives look like?

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Post Privacy: The New Normal in the 21st Century?

Is privacy a thing of the past? And how can we live without it?