What is Sapienship Lab?

Sapienship Lab is a media hub for 21st century educators, students and lifelong learners.

Check out this website for a whole bunch of active learning resources designed to develop science-oriented critical thinking from a global perspective.

Each of our videos, quizzes and podcasts is accompanied by a thought-provoking challenge that can be taken individually or as a group activity — at any pace or place you choose.

But Why?

These virtual tools are all about coping with the real world — a place that can feel fragmented and overloaded with information. We’re passionate about accessible education that’s surprising, flexible and fun, and can be delivered in or out of the classroom.

Here at the Lab, we like to zoom out and look at the big picture, ask fundamental questions about life, peer deep into our collective past and future and even dabble in philosophy. We also zoom back in to examine amazing facts that are stranger than fiction.

Who’s Behind It?

This project is the brainchild of Sapienship, the social impact company co-founded by Yuval Noah Harari and Itzik Yahav, and headed by Naama Avital.

Sapienship’s mission is to focus attention on the most important challenges facing the world today: we highlight issues like ‍technological disruption, ecological collapse, and the threat of global war through a macro-historical lens, using education, entertainment and investments as our main vehicles.

Join the Conversation

We’d like to empower as many people as possible, whatever age or nationality, to join the conversation about our collective existence and future on this planet. And that’s where you come in: whether you’re an educator or a learner, you’re welcome to enjoy our free content and help spread it far and wide.

The Team

Itzik loves exploring the impact of public activities, practically and conceptually – with an emphasis on those that bring joy, empowerment and social change

Itzik Yahav

President & Co-Founder of Sapienship Lab

Naama loves exploring everything mysterious – from fundamental physics through unsolved crimes to the fifty shades of her red lipsticks

Naama Avital

CEO & Co-Founder of Sapienship Lab

Naama loves exploring the power of editing, and how it can transform stories – in writing, videos or personal interactions (not to mention plant propagation)

Naama Wartenburg

CMO & Director of Content

Nadav loves exploring weird and unorthodox ideas from ancient history and see how they fit (or not) to our modern way of thinking

Nadav Neuman

Content Lead & Head of Education

Hanna loves exploring the overlap between deep human design and the boost technology can give to those creations

Hanna Shapiro

Head of Design

Jason loves exploring quiet side streets that lead to places not found on any maps

Jason Rhys Parry

Senior Content R&D

Jim loves exploring invented languages, religious futurisms, speculative geographies, and how to avoid making dystopias real

Jim Clarke

Content R&D

Tristan loves exploring art, design, and the interesting ways they shape or play into our daily lives and deeper narratives

Tristan Murff

Online Content Officer