Screen Lock

Screen Lock

From AI chatbots that resurrect the dead to plant communication, Screen Lock is a sci-fi series that brings you short stories about the weird future that looms around the corner.

Content warning: Please refer to episode descriptions for more information. Age: 16+

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Screen Lock: Executive Decision

What if the climate catastrophe could be averted, and all that’s needed is some sand from the moon?

Screen Lock: Tasmanian Tiger

Stalking people from your past on social media can bring about uncanny results

Screen Lock: The Dark Ages

Imagine this: the company that installed your bionic eyes goes out of business. Now what do you do?

Screen Lock: Starfall

Beware, the shining light of knowledge is descending upon the world

Screen Lock: Football Practice

Avoiding the toxic post-apocalyptic outdoors can be a drag, especially when you’re a teenager