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Going Bananas


Take A Vote on It


Making Sense


Forever and Ever


How Much DNA Do We Share With Bananas?

The surprising connection between all living beings on Earth


Is It Time to Drop Democracy?

There are two major misconceptions about liberal democracy. Let’s debunk them


How Will Our Senses Evolve in the Future?

There’s a lot to learn from the evolution of senses


Brave New World of Immortality

From radical life extension to simulated minds: will we live forever?

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Is It Time to Drop Democracy?

Debunking two misconceptions about democracy

How Will Our Senses Evolve in the Future?

There’s a lot to learn from the evolution of senses

Should We Create Artificial Embryos?

Human beings without biological parents might one day exist

Screen Lock: Tasmanian Tiger

Stalking people from your past on social media can bring about uncanny results

How to Turn Our Cities Green

Cities have a key role in the fight against climate change

Nothing Exists Alone

What’s the missing word in Carson’s quote?

Sending Messages to People in the Far Future

Radioactive waste, ray cats and miscommunication

Screen Lock: Starfall

Beware, the shining light of knowledge is descending upon the world

How Can We Fight Epidemics?

When did epidemics begin, and which one was the deadliest?

How Much Meat Do We Eat?

Cutting back on meat consumption can reduce warming the planet

Is There a True God?

Who gets to decide which god is real? And what will gods look like in the future?

Why Do We Tell Ourselves Stories?

What’s the missing word in Didion’s quote?

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Brett Gray

Board Chair, The Association of Central European IB Schools

“Tasmanian Tiger” fascinated my 11th graders. We had a long and fierce debate about the paradox of surviving in virtual reality. A number of ethical issues were also mentioned in class, all of which left me more than satisfied.

Yehudit Hof

Teacher, Tevel School in Jerusalem

Screen Lock is a resource for educators, parents, and youth to explore the beautiful and weird tech-embedded future that may loom around the corner.

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